This ambitious project, funded by EPSRC, combines mathematical modeling, statistical inference, and scientific computing in order to develop rigorous and efficient uncertainty quantification tools, which will be targeted at mathematical models and data sets arising from the future cities arena, focusing on crime, security and resilience.

The project lies at the interface between applied mathematics, statistics, and high performance computing. Mathematics, the language of science, is used to model natural and technological systems. Statistics helps us to make sense of data. By developing algorithms and implementing them on high performance computers, notably using many-core processors such as graphical processing units (GPUs), we make these ideas concrete.


Project Partners

The project staff are working with a number of Project Partners.

  • Centre for Urban Science and Progress.
  • Future Cities Catapult.
  • The MathWorks.
  • Metropolitan Police.
  • New York Police.
  • Police Scotland.
  • Smith Institute.
  • West Midlands Police.

Advisory Board

The project as a whole will be guided by an Advisory Board.

  • (Chair) Sir Alan Wilson, FRS, FBA – Chair of the Home Office Advisory Council and Professor of Urban & Regional Systems, University College London.
  • Professor Andrea Bertozzi – Professor of Mathematics, Betsy Wood Knapp Chair for Innovation and Creativity, Director of Applied Mathematics, University of California Los Angeles.
  • Paul Clarke – Head of Research and Evidence Based Policing, The Metropolitan Police.
  • Dr Hannah Fry – Lecturer in Mathematics of Cities, University College London.
  • Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham – Police Scotland.
  • Professor Peter Grindrod, CBE – Professor of Mathematics, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford.
  • Dr Jos Martin – Senior Engineering Manager, The MathWorks.
  • Professor Youssef Marzouk – Professor of Aeronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Dr Robert Leese – Chief Technical Officer, Smith Institute for Industrial Mathematics.
  • Sir David Spiegelhalter, FRS – Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk, Statistical Laboratory, University of Cambridge.
  • Professor Neil Stewart – Professor of Psychology, University of Warwick.
  • Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Todd – Director of Intelligence, West Midlands Police.

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